The true nature of dark matter hidden nearby black holes.


The true nature of dark matter is the greatest mystery of the universe. To understand and explain the structure of the universe no less than 95% of everthing is a question mark. You can hardly call that a successful explanatory model of the structure of the universe.

An appropriate description of the universe, which is theoretically and experimentally tested , is still very far away. Particle accelerators, astronomers and cosmologists are providing little clues.

Dark matter and dark energy are needed to explain the current macro structure of the galaxies and the universe. The gravity near a black hole ensures that the dark matter and dark energy remain in the center of the galaxy and are necessary to explain the planetary movements.

But what is the problem with dark matter and dark energy? Dark means that there is no light and no light is emitted. This dark matter does not contain photons / electrons or is hidden from observation by telescopes nearby a black hole.

Black holes are the most appropriate candidates to find and to hide dark matter and dark energy for our observations. A black hole is an extreme curvature of the space / the spiritual tissue under the influence of gravity.

Even light can not escape from a black hole despite of its very high speed. The spiritual shell of a black hole is a extreme curvature of space / the spiritual tissue.

The spiritual shell ( cocoon ) takes care of the protection of matter and anti-matter into a black hole. Just as in the pre big bang supersymmetry period , they are spiritually separated and protected by a cocoon.

The 4 % baryonic dark matter and the 24% non baryonic dark-matter are waste products of the big mega fireworks explosion ( big bang ) and to be found near by the black holes, which are at the center of galaxies.

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