The relation between spirit and matter


1 )    The world according to the Spirit aims to unite the spirit with the material and physical world of science and cosmology. See evidence part 1 and 2.

The central theme lies in the trinity of matter – spirit – antimatter being the original start of the universe. See evidence part 1 and 2 in my book.

Questions asked on my website/weblog: are answered in this book. This concerns questions like: What is the reason for the Big Bang? See evidence part 1 and 2.

Curious about the relation between spirit and matter? See evidence part 1 and 2 .

Searching for the meaning of life? See chapter 12 in my book.

How are different cosmic constants related? See evidence part 8 in my book.

What is the relation between space-time – spirit and the distribution of micro and macro matter throughout the universe? See evidence part 3 and 4 in my book.

Trying to find a unique unification theory? See chapter 34 in my book.

This book contains 38 essays and analyses on politics, religion, science, physics, medicine, quantum mechanics, philosophy, meta physics, aesthetics, evolution, the meaning of life and much more.

The world according to the spirit offers new and original answers to various aspects of life and thought. It aims to renew human thought and behavior and to offer solutions to the significant problems faced by humanity and the environment on earth.

1.    preface

30 Years of self-tuition, involving much reading and practical and deep thinking as an autodidact. I have had an urge to develop these ideas since I was a child. My mind urged me to try and understand the world and science and their relation. It seemed to be a mission impossible, this search for the true source of life and origins of consciousness in a bizarre and strange universe.

Soon, in my mind I had already formed the principle of the trinity of matter – spirit – antimatter. To me it was extremely intriguing that the big bang originated from a singularity that lacked any order or natural law. It was simply said that nothing could be known about the composition of the singularity; order only came into existence after the big bang.

I have always thought it highly unsatisfactory and strange that issues like matter – antimatter and the four main powers of gravity, weak and strong nuclear energy and electromagnetic force came into being within a fraction of a second in a physical constellation which had to be perfect from the word go. If it had not been, the unbalanced mix of cosmic constants would have condemned the big bang to a certain collapse.

This assumption of a perfectly balanced mix of cosmic constants comes from the idea of a perfectly wise creator who had been dealt a lucky hand of the proper ingredients. Strangest of all is the fact that matter and antimatter must have co-existed in the singularity, in an extremely small space without destroying each other. Something must have added stability to the singularity to prevent premature collapse. This assumption formed the basis to develop the principle of the trinity: matter – spirit – antimatter.



Empiricism and reduction ism in science have contributed much useful knowledge and progress to humanity and civilization. However, it is a persistent problem that despite this huge scientific progress, essential existential questions and religious needs of humanity remained unanswered. Until today, religions are prominently present in the world, influencing politics and ethics.

It cost me a great deal of time and effort to write this book, The world according to the spirit. It took me at least 30 years of my life to search for answers to my questions. Writing a book forces you to be logically consistent and to explain your train of thought and development of ideas fittingly. To write a chapter of an elaborate book like this requires an enormous mental concentration and peace of mind as well as the command of a good deal of background knowledge.

I have followed scientific news and have read many books to take my knowledge to a higher level. I am a generalist and an autodidact, who has been inspired by the ideas of the Enlightenment. The era of enlightenment gave us freedom and equality of citizens and the Trias Politica, being the separation of legislative, executive and judiciary powers, as well as the separation of church and state. The era of enlightenment gave us Uomo Universalis and the possibility to increase knowledge and skills through empiricism and spiritual and intellectual enrichment.

In the last decade my knowledge had reached a satisfactory and high enough level to meet the final challenge  : relating the concept of the trinity of matter – spirit – antimatter to the latest scientific theories of quantum mechanics, relativity and cosmology. Encouraged by my wife, I actually started to write this book. I was busy doing other things. I knew I would only be taken seriously if I could develop a credible theory of unification. See chapter 34. It was hard labor, but I am proud of the result, including the role played by the spirit.

This book could cause quite a stir in the world. It is a good time for humanity to seek new ways. The world according to the spirit offers tools to improve human theories and behavior in lots of different areas.