The big questions of live


What’s to be found in a spiritual cocoon ?

Great news to tell the world!

What is the reason of the Big Bang?  The trinity matter – spirit – anti matter See evidence part 1 and 2 in my book.

Searching for an unique unification theory?  The missing link between quantum mechanics (small) – relativity theory (big) is the relation between mind and matter ; E 3/3 = Matter 1/3 + Spirit 1/3 + Anti-Matter 1/3. See evidence part 5 and 6 in my book.

Curious about relationships between mind and matter?  The trinity matter – spirit – anti matter corresponds to E = MC2. See evidence  part 1 and 2  in my book.

Searching for the meaning of life?  To re balance the pre big bang  super symmetry 1/3 Matter – 1/3 Spirit – 1/3 Anti – Matter corresponds to E = MC2. See evidence part 3 and 4 in my book.

Why is the speed of light 299.792.458 m/s

In the super symmetry period ( pre big bang ) the speed of light was 300.000.000 m/s exact. See evidence part 8 in my book.


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