philosophy of live part 2

12 B The meaning of life is: the synthesis of spirit and matter, which created evolution, and the antithesis of matter and antimatter, which formed the original symmetry. To restore this original symmetry between matter and antimatter through spiritual riches is essential.

This can be done by gaining spiritual riches, so a new synthesis of spirit and antimatter can evolve after life, irrespective of limitations in matter and time. This spiritual life is excluded from natural laws. It can be seen as a ‘nothingness’, or ‘Nirwana’.

It is there where the spirit is completely free from material limitations and liberated from egotism. It can be reached by living through many lives, for better and for worse. Its reward is spiritual maturity. When Nirwana is reached, there is spiritual maturity, there are no material limitations and there is spare energy to restore the original symmetry of matter and antimatter.
‘Life’ after death is a process of spiritual cleaning. The memory of imaginary numbers reaches another world as karma. A world where spirit and antimatter are dominant. In my opinion the so-called black holes can be considered as such a world.

They are so intensely compact, that the natural laws as we know them in our universe do not apply. Their gravitational pull is so strong, it is impossible to escape. The materially charged number sequences are cracked and destroyed by this immense gravity.

If a conscience, or memory, has suffered too great a burden – insufficient cleaning – it is deposited in subconscious matter and attracts new life, or birth: a new cycle of life is started. Memory, or karma, are cleaned from egotistical desires and abuse of power in order to enable a fresh start with a clean slate.

In a black hole natural laws do not apply. All information is collected, escape is impossible for ordered matter – energy. It is possible to evaporate, however, but only for strictly chaotic matter. Serious forms of egotism and power abuse cannot be cleaned so that karma ensures a completely clean new life.

In case of serious abusive behaviour in previous life, as a punishment a new place of birth will be found where material profit and riches are unimportant, because the cycle of life is aimed at reaching Nirwana.

Eventually, after tough lessons, the path of spiritual depth and riches will be chosen. The individual has achieved peace and wisdom. They know better than to follow the superficial news of the day. They could not care less about extravagant luxury and pleasure. They will soon be liberated from the straitjacket of material progress, and reach Nirwana.

Time stands still in black holes, nor are there any dimensions of space. The synthesis of spirit and matter is broken and dies. The new synthesis of spirit and antimatter is dominant in black holes, which destroys matter.

The released energy evaporates into our universe, so the laws of conservation of energy still apply. Because of this transfer mechanism the original symmetry of matter and antimatter can be restored in the future.

When this pivotal point is reached so many billions of years after the last big bang, it signifies that the history of this universe has come to an end. The eventually too unbalanced situation of matter and antimatter remaining after a few subsequent big bangs was redirected by the spirit to start an evolutionary process in our universe.

The memory of this process of growth in matter organisation resulted in intelligent organic life. It cannot be said this process only applies to the species of man. It could well be that this universal evolutionary kernel created other intelligent forms of life at other planets.

Evolution is directed forwards to drive the force that comes from the tensions between matter, spirit and antimatter and allow it to shape time and the organisational level of material processes. In black holes time stands still, to create room for reflection and meditation.

In black holes the spirit cleanes memory, cracks the codes and reviews if Nirwana can be reached. Where there is insufficient spiritual riches, a new life cycle follows to try and reach spiritual maturity. Thus evil is punished in death, if this has not been done in life.