Philosophy of life part 1

12A. Meaning of live
In a previous chapter 11 I wrote about the driving force of evolution, being the tension that comes from the opposition between matter and antimatter and the role played by the spirit in overcoming this opposition and thus making progress and development possible.

The spirit creates stability and order from the destructive opposition between matter and antimatter. The spirit behaves itself like a cocoon of all existing matter and antimatter, creating progress in the evolutionary process of the universe as a protector and carrier of information.

Human life is a product of successful evolution. Human behaviour is rational and complex. This makes man the dominant species in his environment. Too dominant, I think; the boundaries of nature and energy consumption have been crossed.

The ecosystem is under pressure from the egotistical behaviour of man. Groups of people striving for material gain and desire block the existence of an ecologically harmonious society. Egotistical behaviour has become institutionalised in politics and economics.
Structures of power affirm worldwide inequalities in wealth and consumption. Large groups of people live in poverty and suffer bad living conditions and large parts of nature wither away because of the immense pressure from irresponsible production methods and consumption patterns.

This primary egotistical human behaviour is driven by a fixation on material profit. After the last big bang the ratio of matter and antimatter shifted in favour of matter. Antimatter was largely destroyed. The spirit stabilised the ratio of matter and antimatter.

Tensions in this unequal distribution of original symmetry lead to the development of increasingly better and more effective forms of life. Ever more effective means to pursue self-interest and profit are acquired.

Spiritual education obtained from a social-cultural environment should counterbalance this excessive, all-encompassing consumption and waste of natural resources. Political movements should oppose the unjust results of market mechanisms.

Today, differences in political views and behaviour have diminished and been replaced with a pragmatic capitalist management role. Globalisation and degradation of politically determined trade tariffs synchronise policy instruments across the world.

Capitalist market principles decrease the margins of political independence, egging humanity on in a spiral of increased productivity and quality. This spiral has winners and losers: winners can afford absurd patterns of high consumption whereas the quality of life for those who cannot keep up worsens.

Nature too has to pay a high price to sustain this spiral. Humanity, or politics, put the environment on the agenda, but for the time being actual measures do not match nature’s ruin. The bill for this irresponsible behaviour is passed on to future generations: ‘après nous le déluge’.

Moderation of energy and nature consumption is urgently required, but hard to gain public support for. It does not fit the mantra: better, prettier and more. The market mechanism does not provide for the need to treat fellow human beings and creatures well. The spirit has to bring an end to this destructive capitalist market mechanism.

Spiritual riches has to help people realise that the current developments require adjusting to avoid a catastrophe. Spiritual riches has to teach people that the current patterns of high consumption and productivity are disastrous. The spirit’s task is to diminish material progress, or profit, so the original symmetry of matter and antimatter is restored.

It is a contradiction that the spirit itself creates progress of material organisation and human intelligence. This has led to the phenomenal evolutionary progress of life on earth. We now have the final stop of this development in sight.

Human intelligence is in danger of succumbing to its own success. Hopefully in time the spirit will lead humanity to understand that the current way in which man and nature live together is finite. The spirit created human intelligence which, if good, can achieve wonderful things, but, if bad, can cause terribly brutal and rude violence.

Spiritual riches for the greater part of humanity should ensure that these negative qualities are reduced to such a level that prevents further damage to fellow human beings and nature. Spiritual riches has to create a stable and harmonious individual able to look further than the news of the day and to put life with all its happiness and unhappiness into perspective.

This spiritual riches is not received by sheer luck. People and their environment have to work hard to achieve it. If it is attained, life’s relativity becomes clear. Superficial pleasure and excessive consumption are revealed as false goals in life and wrong signs to measure success in life.

One shrugs one’s shoulders when confronted with extravagant luxury and pleasure. You know that is not where you will find true happiness. You see through this façade of glitter and glamour, human limitations and this fixation on material fulfilment.

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