Credible sustainable climate policy

22 The price of the environment with massive consumption and sloppy production is not paid by consumers and producers. The government taxes are too focused on labor and too little on environment and capital.

The total capital of money is increasingly distributed unevenly. The middle and lower classes pay the bill. Internatinal business is spared and pampered .

International competition relations stop CO2 taxes. The best and fastest way to save energy and reduce emissions.

The solution is to allow CO2 taxes to be collected by the United Nations in order to overcome the risk of competition falsification. The polluter pays and has an interest in reduction.

Honest and suitable for the whole world. Cross – border data transmission and storage and international sail – fly traffic will receive a more credible price tag.

Less air traffic, less nuisance tourism, cheaper houses in the cities.

The over-run globalization with too cheap transport is limited by international CO2 taxes. Benefit for climate, benefit for people and the environment, benefit for local production and consumption.

Ruud Bakker


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