intriguing relationship between timetables / quark properties and the big bang


The world at large and small are curious  related with each other

The micro mass proportions on an atomic level (1% of the entire energy and matter) show the same evidently bizarre mass differences on an elementary quarks and leptons level. The 1/12 and 1/6 numerical proportions are reflected in the numbers of leptons and quarks (6-6 of 12-12, particle – antiparticle) and in the time system of hours, quarters, etc.

The pairs of quarks – up – down, charm – strange, top – bottom – reveal disproportionately large mass differences; which is also true of the leptons group (6-6). The third generation (from impact testing) remains by far the greatest challenge and the most difficult to detect.

In this case, too, the numerical mass proportions equal 99-1%. A mirror symmetry of 100% macro 99-1 to micro 1% 99-1%. The universe as a whole is evidently bizarre in its matter and energy distribution, in much the same way as the micro world, on an atomic level, is bizarre in its mass and energy distribution. Considering pre-big bang proportions (3x1/3) and E = MC2, however, they may be converted to understandable units, despite the bizarre numeric’s.

All of these original cosmic components are interrelated and intertwined like a kind of Holy Trinity, which is fundamental to all life in our universe. The numerical proportions found in super symmetry and E = MC2 (see diagram book) also pertain to time measurement (1/61/12 part etc.) and a light speed of C2 equals approximately 3. In times of super symmetry the speed of light was exactly  300.000.000 m/s.

It is not surprising, therefore, that organic conscious life forms have developed here on our planet with its 24-hour days. The numeric’s of our time on Earth (1/1/12 1/24) also pertain to the standard model of matter, with 6 types of quarks and 6 types of leptons. This is no coincidence but arises from the numerical proportions found in cosmic symmetry and E = MC2 (see diagram book).

 A noticeable synchronicity and no coincidence !

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