95% of universe ?? dark matter ?? Solutions yes !!

The universe is still a big question ? What is the function of dark matter and  dark energy in our great universe ? Dark (non / bayronic ) matter 28 % ( waste of the big bang )  and dark energy 70,66 % ( energy  source for the anti gravity force ) are dark because they are hiding near a black hole. A black hole is a sort of coat rack and foundation for a complete galaxy. 

Where to find this mysterious stuff ? In the center of several galaxies nearby a black hole.

How does this stuff look like ?  Like garbage of the big bang hidden in a black hole . See evidence part 1 in my book.                         Despite of a huge knowledge of our universe .    

 There are severe problems to be solved as function inflation period ( due to the cosmological constant )  / mysterious repulsive force  ( anti gravity driven by dark energy ) / nature of dark matter and energy ( garbage of the big bang and fuel for anti gravity )  See evidence part  1 – 4 .

Solutions to be found within  my book  The world according to the spirit . Convincing evidence part 1 – 8  based on verified and controlled satellite observations.

Under step 5 you will see the effects of step 1 – 4 for the law of energy conservation for the whole universe including the explanation for inflation / expansion of the universe / the function of black holes as the valve of the universe.

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